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Ben Affleck looks like he will shoot your face off of your face.



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Random Hot MySpace Chicks


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Listen to this RIGHT NOW! Stereophonics – “You’re My Star”


Stereophonics is one of the best bands ever, so check out this song right now. The video is pretty cool:

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“Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning”

Great article by Gail Collins for The New York Times Op/Ed section. Definately worth a read:

Can I see a show of hands? How many people want George W. out and Barack in?

I couldn’t agree more and it is about time FOR SURE. If at least not resign, Bush should have been impeached a long time ago. There are so many problems with his administration that I will contain myself for fear of fingertip preservation.

A great many Americans have been counting the days all year on their 2008 George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendars.

Would Obama even be ready ahead of time? We have so many more problems now then ever before. The consequences could be disastrous in the least. We should all start considering our collective futures as entrusted in the hands of Barack and HOPE that he can get it done.

I hope that he can make his claims a reality, and not let them sit in the realm of Hopes and Dreams.

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One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World: Katy Perry

Yes. Very pretty and seems to be a really cool person (from the footage I’ve seen). She’s mad white too but she wears it well I think.

One of the most beautiful women in the world for sure. She has a nice body, face, personality, and a slew of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to sweeten the pot. GoEasy presents the best Katy Perry pics:

She could play guitar while I bang her and sniff her awesome, awesome money and then think about all the shyt I’m gonna buy. And then as I’m bangin her and diving into a pool of her luscious sexy money I’m thinkin I gotta hire a bodyguard named Lucious cause now I got all this money, see? So once I get finished with Katy she’s like “Oh Anthony you’re the best. I’m gonna write a song about you!” Then I just sit back and reel in all the magical bills that come from the proceeds of my own song while I bang other mad hot girls and just think “Mad dough.”

She’s been demoted to BANGABLE because her hipster vintage style is annoying and she’s really not putting her best foot forward in some of these pics.. But ah, man she looks really good anyway. She looks like she gets rowdy.

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Day & Age


Unlike some of other other contributors of this AWESOME blog, I happen to respect The Killers as awesome musical artist. So much, that I’ll be documenting their every move until the release of their new album Day & Age, and until I go and see them in January.


Day & Age comes out tomorrow, November 24th. Until then Listen to “Can’t Stay” & “This is your Life”..


& leave comments scumbags.

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Random Musings: Oasis

One torrent you need to download is the Oasis discography, so you can have every song ever made by the best band in the world. Yeah. Oasis is the best band ever. They are mainly a softer rock band lyric-wise, but they have a great melody and some pretty heavy riffs to all their songs. Memorable choruses and heartfelt lyrics. Tight composition. Windy pitches. Long, repetitive, escalating choruses. Great guitar. EVERYTHING!Some of their songs make no sense but you will be singing along like you get what the f**k is going on.

They are the perfect band to relax to, but they also have some songs that pump you up. I cannot recommend them enough. Just search YouTube for Oasis and listen to any song that comes up. If I had to recommend a song I’d pick, oh, “Underneath The Sky” from way back in ’98, for instance. Alot of their songs are over 4 minutes, some even top 6. You’re getting alot of substantial, excellent music.

Ever see the movie Snatch? (Favorite movie of mine. See it.) Final fight scene song: Oasis… and its just an instrumental. Awesome scene too.

They are SO good. If you don’t like Oasis then I can’t comprehend your idiocy. Get the discography using uTorrent (or whatever you use) right here:

Make the effort to discover some of the best music ever. Seriously.

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