A Blog About…. Pizza + Daft Punk!?!!?!?

One of my favorite foods. It should be one of yours, unless you don’t live in NYC and can’t get access to the best pizza of all time in the Pizza Hut near my hous….. NAH MANNNNNNN! I’m talking about Brooklyn pizza! We got the best places here.

Anyway, check this site out. Pretty cool, but not quite a link you gotta know. Reading about pizza and then eating it??!?!?! Mannnnn oh mannnn:


CLICK THIS:         http://slice.seriouseats.com/               ^^    wow that looks good

Nothing better than jamming out to Daft Punk while stuffing your face with pizza, so check out this video. I’m a sucker for mashups, and if they’re good, I’ll post them. This dude does a piano medley of a bunch of Daft Punk songs. If you are familiar with Daft Punk, this thing is gonna make you smile:

How do I seemingly and subtlely segue into another unrelated topic? It’s pretty easy actually

rachel stevens


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