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whats up everyone? Joe here with my first post on goeasy. I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about myself so you don’t think I am some rapist serial choker. I am an up and coming musician, I act in/produce short films, Fight Club is the best movie, and sadly i happen to be the brother of Anthony. Let’s get on with the show then…

Take a good long look at this picture…

mtv movie awards 10 020608

Now i know there are probably mixed thoughts:  #1) Robert Pattinson!!!! HE’S SO F***IN HAWWWTT!!!    #2) This douche bag is everywhere!!! someone should kill him!!!     and of course #3) is that Goku from Dragon Ball Z??? ^_^  Justin-Chatwin-goku

Now…I do not know Mr. Pattinson, nor do i have any desire to meet him, but you gotta hand it to the dude because he is making a shit ton of money. The only problem I have with this guy is the fact that he had a MAJOR involvement in the destruction of our FUCKING society. i don’t care about girls saying hes so dreammy blahblah fucking blah (my girlfriend likes him too) =[ but everyone has an OBSESSION with vampires. I actually went to go see Twilight. yes i saw Twilight. the only reason i saw it was to see what all the hype was about. i never heard of the book. i thought twilight was the subdued light just after sunset…. I can understand the book because everybody likes books and apparently the Twilight series is “the best”????????? but let me tell you people something….coming from a guy who sees a lot of movies and can admit it if a movie is good.  just remember the three T’s – – – Twilight Twas Terrible! The acting…horrendous. If the acting sucks in a movie, then the movie sucks. Especially when an actor has to play a fictional creature. I want to believe that you are a fucking creature. Not only do people want to be vampires, but now most of the girls would rather be Kristen Stewart…. why be a vampire when you can be the pale, unenthusiastic, sloth, depressed, lacks dopamine feeble little girl that the vampire wants to bang!?                                                                           


This fad needs to stop dead in its tracks. O but grows… another vampire book series has been turned into a television show!!! i wonder what it…o wait – True Blood. I gave this show one chance. One. I never knew i could be so kind : D  Nothing special about it. The only reason i would watch a vampire tv show would be to learn about new ways to kill those bastards. I just could not sit there and watch it for a whole hour. My friend was like cmon man give it a chance it’s good! Now this friend of mine is as guy as a guy can get. played football and wrestled in high school, weighs 205lbs, great guy, ate 2 no rules burgers at the Outback Steakhouse!!! go there today, that fucking thing isn’t even on the menu….it probably killed everyone who touched it, but he consumed 2….yea…no rules…but True Blood seems to tickle his fancy. He tells me to watch it because the main character Sookie is hot…Sookie is played by Anna Paquin (Rogue from the X-men movies) and she is O.K. nothing special just like the show. Don’t think it’s a good show just because I said it’s “nothing special.” I guarantee if i sat through more than 1 episode I would have more evidence for it being terrible.

Coming this Fall………….VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!! based off another gay-ass book. I’m watching tv with my girlfriend when the commercial for that comes on and even she was like “ok this is too much vampire shit.” Let me ask all of the Twilight fans….do you think that these other vampire books will compare to your sacred Tablet of the Twilight?

If you are reading this and you despise vampires but like south park then check out this link!

basically all we have to do to stop this fad is of course…..burn down hot topic!

I am really concerned guys. The one thing that I am going to hate this vampire shit for is that i don’t want to look my son or daughter in the eyes after they ask me “what did people like when you were young dad?” and i have to respond with….vampires.

I am too angry to go on

Feel free to comment on anything i have talked about, i would love to hear what people think

My first post has officially concluded: JOE



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