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I Hate Shia LaBeouf


If you like Megan Fox, you and I are similar.

If you watch this video and don’t get infuriated by the end of it, you and I will forever be enemies…

I despise Shia LaBeouf. Words do not adequately convey my hatred. You ever watch UFC? You ever watch any Jet Li, Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan movie? You know that one guy that loses in a fight, really, really fast? Like it’s constantly ingrained in your mind: “Wow, that guy sucks.” Shia, SHY-a is that guy. Why doesn’t anybody just….. Ah, the dude has it made. Why do I waste my time? This dude is like invincible. Once you get a chick like Megan Fox, you get massive balls. You can’t be touched. He probably has the strength of a hundred men, the power of fifty stones, the speed of a winter’s breeze. Obama’s number one agenda should be sniping him out. But don’t you see? It’s not possible. Not after you’ve attained the Fox…


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One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World: Sarah Shahi … Again!

One of the most popular posts on here is my original Sarah Shahi showcase, seen here:

I basically posted my favorite pictures of her because she is simply one of the most beautiful women in the world. Long story short, here is part 2, with more pics, and more reason to say: “What a body…”


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One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World: Katy Perry

Yes. Very pretty and seems to be a really cool person (from the footage I’ve seen). She’s mad white too but she wears it well I think.

One of the most beautiful women in the world for sure. She has a nice body, face, personality, and a slew of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to sweeten the pot. GoEasy presents the best Katy Perry pics:

She could play guitar while I bang her and sniff her awesome, awesome money and then think about all the shyt I’m gonna buy. And then as I’m bangin her and diving into a pool of her luscious sexy money I’m thinkin I gotta hire a bodyguard named Lucious cause now I got all this money, see? So once I get finished with Katy she’s like “Oh Anthony you’re the best. I’m gonna write a song about you!” Then I just sit back and reel in all the magical bills that come from the proceeds of my own song while I bang other mad hot girls and just think “Mad dough.”

She’s been demoted to BANGABLE because her hipster vintage style is annoying and she’s really not putting her best foot forward in some of these pics.. But ah, man she looks really good anyway. She looks like she gets rowdy.

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Who is this Chick?

This girl is a mad hot model from

Is she for sale like the clothes? I’m gonna start a site where you can buy people.

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One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World: Odette Yustman

Despite being only 23, actress Odette Yustman is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was featured prominently in Cloverfield and she stars in the upcoming The Unborn.

She is engaged, which SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS, but as you can see, she is definately one of the most beautiful women in the world and yes, Anthony would buy her dinner as well. I guess I like brunettes more..

Obviously here at goeasy you can expect the best pics culminated from extensive internet searches. Enjoy.

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Pics from Yesterday

Megan Fox capsized the hot boat but Sarah Shahi holds it down at the same GQ party in LA last night.


Check out the other pics I posted of her a couple of days ago (if you haven’t already).


Plus my main man Jason Statham just chillin. Transporter 3 coming out soon.


He doesn’t have to smile/grit his teeth cause you know he’ll break your neck, and he knows it too.

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Victoria’s Secret MEGAPOST #3

“I get my nuts pushed, on the bottom to the top of your gums
I feel your slurpin’, slurpin, I’m skeetin’ and squirtin’ your tongue”

Its still model madness in here. I am a member of the fiends out there who would obliterate them all.

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