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Another Link You Gotta Know…

This link is a great one. I’m giving you a site I’ve been frequenting for quite a while. It has to do with fitness: all types. Whether it be lifting weights, alternative exercises and diet strategies, weight loss, and general fitness intelligence, FitnessBlackBook has got you covered. This site’s author, Rusty, is a really great guy who posts about 2 times per week. He is an advocate of that lean Hollywood-type physique, not the bodybuilder steroid inhaler. More this:425_pitt_fight_club_100506

than this:bodybuilder

Anyway, this guy will change your mentality when it comes to working out. He posts about things that you’ve probably never heard of. His posts are really well-written, and he responds to the comments, meaning that if you have a question, Rusty’s 19+ years of experience and knowledge will definitely help you find an answer. He’s really nice and respects his readers, and he always takes the time out to provide his insight in every post. This site will get you the tools and tips to be healthy and good to go. It is, in my opinion, the best fitness blog or website on the internet, and that is why it’s a link that you gotta know:


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In your street or cul de sac… A LINK YOU GOTTA KNOW

Anthony loves music and hip hop is a personal favorite.

With all the garbage radio trash out there killing the genre, there’s only 1 site that earns my seal of approval:2dopeboyz.

I check this site like 80 times a day because they get a song as soon as it drops. Man, they have leaks, exclusives, videos, mixtapes; everything. They post the best new stuff and everything new that ever comes out. It is seriously the best hip hop anything on the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get your brand new song (that you never even heard about) for free, except 2dopeboyz, WHERE Hip Hop Really LIVES. is a LINK YOU GOTTA KNOW

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Link You Gotta Know: NFL Scores on Fox Sports

all your scores, all the time


football is crazy dude and this year the giants and the jets are DOMINATING. the NYC is all abuzz and you can be too….. IF YOU MOVE HERE! AHAHAHAHAHAH!

gotta keep up with your scores and know who is winning and THATS WHY THIS IS A LINK YOU GOTTA KNOW:

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