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I Hate Shia LaBeouf


If you like Megan Fox, you and I are similar.

If you watch this video and don’t get infuriated by the end of it, you and I will forever be enemies…

I despise Shia LaBeouf. Words do not adequately convey my hatred. You ever watch UFC? You ever watch any Jet Li, Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan movie? You know that one guy that loses in a fight, really, really fast? Like it’s constantly ingrained in your mind: “Wow, that guy sucks.” Shia, SHY-a is that guy. Why doesn’t anybody just….. Ah, the dude has it made. Why do I waste my time? This dude is like invincible. Once you get a chick like Megan Fox, you get massive balls. You can’t be touched. He probably has the strength of a hundred men, the power of fifty stones, the speed of a winter’s breeze. Obama’s number one agenda should be sniping him out. But don’t you see? It’s not possible. Not after you’ve attained the Fox…


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Check out Joanna Krupa


Head over to Kanye’s blog to check out Joanna Krupa. She’s above average.

Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike, well I’d do anything for a blonde dyke


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Double What the F**K

I’m sitting here singing the praises of Megan Fox and she’s not even single, as it seems that she got back together with the doucheBrianAustinGreen and she had PLASTIC SURGERY.

Its more obvious I think in these new pictures from the GQ 2008 Men of the Year party last night in LA. Man what the f**k…  Ah whatevers. Dumb ass tattoos.

Megan you f**ked up the money… in some pictures she looks like a transvestite… This is one of the worst days in dude history.

Tony’s Two Cents: I don’t know where you get off calling her a tranny, eddie izzard is a tranny and believe me, megan fox =/= to eddie izzard. That being said, what the fuck? plastic surgery? why? you’re fucking engaged, that means someone is into you. Moreover, every swinging dick that doesnt like hairy assholes thought you were hot *before* you went under the knife. My problem isn’t that she looks bad now (because she doesn’t) my problem is with the complete fucking lack of a reason for plastic surgery in the first place. These hollywood chicks man…

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I’m Brad Pitt B!tch


If Angelina and Bradley filmed a porno they would become billionaires. Then they could talk about saving the planet but still give no dough and just make like 16 more kids.

I personally wouldn’t watch it cause I agree with the homeless crackheads in Dunkin Donuts when they say that if you wait till 3 AM you might get some stale strawberry frosteds for free.

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Fun: The Game is my favorite rapper


Rap music is not always about killing people 🙂


Although it can be:


That same bandana!


Look how he influences young kids…


gangbanger in the making.

only a passenger seat sitting, seatbelt wearing, bandana masked goon could furrow his brow so tight, so tough. such a tough guy. look at those cold stares. Ayo, I hope you tell her to take out that piercing before she sucks your dick…

shivers down me spine

Anthony suddenly wants to know them. she might be bangable… i can’t see because these coolcat supremos put some effect on the pic. how cute 🙂 A pussy and the pussy

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