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The Ultimate Movie Idea of All Time

Have you seen this yet? Can this dude actually act?

Saying “NO!” is all he does. And this guy is 23, has a BILLION girls at his disposal (allegedly), is going out with Megan Fox (somewhat allegedly), and makes millions of dollars (true). My fascination with this phenom, this enigma, may never cease. Maybe its his charm? His witty comebacks? It eludes me. Every movie he is in (I’ve seen Transformers 1,2, and Indiana Jones) he hits you with these little quips and fast-motion action-comedy scenes, and has enough physicality (I’m being generous) to at least look like he does the work of his stunt double.

ALAS, I have a solution. We should test his chops in a movie with real acting legends, and all around fan-favorites. This way, we will know if his charm overtakes our love for the main stars. Can he outfunny some of the funniest cats out there? We’ll put him to the test in the ultimate comedy of all time:


When these two heavyweights team up, you don’t know what the f**k is going to happen. That title is enough. I would see this movie 100 times.


Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shia can’t out-act these OGs, so say so long to this:


Your punishment is justified.


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I Hate Shia LaBeouf


If you like Megan Fox, you and I are similar.

If you watch this video and don’t get infuriated by the end of it, you and I will forever be enemies…

I despise Shia LaBeouf. Words do not adequately convey my hatred. You ever watch UFC? You ever watch any Jet Li, Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan movie? You know that one guy that loses in a fight, really, really fast? Like it’s constantly ingrained in your mind: “Wow, that guy sucks.” Shia, SHY-a is that guy. Why doesn’t anybody just….. Ah, the dude has it made. Why do I waste my time? This dude is like invincible. Once you get a chick like Megan Fox, you get massive balls. You can’t be touched. He probably has the strength of a hundred men, the power of fifty stones, the speed of a winter’s breeze. Obama’s number one agenda should be sniping him out. But don’t you see? It’s not possible. Not after you’ve attained the Fox…

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A Blog About…. Pizza + Daft Punk!?!!?!?

One of my favorite foods. It should be one of yours, unless you don’t live in NYC and can’t get access to the best pizza of all time in the Pizza Hut near my hous….. NAH MANNNNNNN! I’m talking about Brooklyn pizza! We got the best places here.

Anyway, check this site out. Pretty cool, but not quite a link you gotta know. Reading about pizza and then eating it??!?!?! Mannnnn oh mannnn:


CLICK THIS:               ^^    wow that looks good

Nothing better than jamming out to Daft Punk while stuffing your face with pizza, so check out this video. I’m a sucker for mashups, and if they’re good, I’ll post them. This dude does a piano medley of a bunch of Daft Punk songs. If you are familiar with Daft Punk, this thing is gonna make you smile:

How do I seemingly and subtlely segue into another unrelated topic? It’s pretty easy actually

rachel stevens

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Alright, I’m back…

Mad people have been viewing my blog even thought I haven’t posted anything since November, and I’m back. I owe it to you people to deliver some cool stuff. So here we go. My brother Joe is gonna be writing as well from now on, unless he pisses me off.

I’m gonna be posting a HUGEEE amount of music over the next couple of days, so check back. And I’m going to be doing my usual posts of hot chicks and other stuff I like.

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Random Musings

Ben Affleck looks like he will shoot your face off of your face.


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Random Musings: Oasis

One torrent you need to download is the Oasis discography, so you can have every song ever made by the best band in the world. Yeah. Oasis is the best band ever. They are mainly a softer rock band lyric-wise, but they have a great melody and some pretty heavy riffs to all their songs. Memorable choruses and heartfelt lyrics. Tight composition. Windy pitches. Long, repetitive, escalating choruses. Great guitar. EVERYTHING!Some of their songs make no sense but you will be singing along like you get what the f**k is going on.

They are the perfect band to relax to, but they also have some songs that pump you up. I cannot recommend them enough. Just search YouTube for Oasis and listen to any song that comes up. If I had to recommend a song I’d pick, oh, “Underneath The Sky” from way back in ’98, for instance. Alot of their songs are over 4 minutes, some even top 6. You’re getting alot of substantial, excellent music.

Ever see the movie Snatch? (Favorite movie of mine. See it.) Final fight scene song: Oasis… and its just an instrumental. Awesome scene too.

They are SO good. If you don’t like Oasis then I can’t comprehend your idiocy. Get the discography using uTorrent (or whatever you use) right here:

Make the effort to discover some of the best music ever. Seriously.

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Cool Tats

He’s all tatted up:

beckhams il sole 2 150708


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