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Awesome Videos

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  here are some of my favorite videos that I’ve recently seen. Here at goEasy you will find only the best stuff, and I’ve culminated some of my favorite videos in one post. Enjoy.

Exploit Yourself: Great Nike commercial with a Nike running sh0e-wearing robot just jumping off of buildings and free running (parkour).

Polar by Pierre Michel: Cool video for a French film festival, I believe. Anyway, I like the special effects.

Khoda: What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting? This guy used 6,000 paintings to make this awesome video. Seriously watch it and try to pause whenever you want. Truly impressive.

Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women: Just hilarious. One of my favorites. MrChiCity explains why having your refrigerator jam-packed will increase your chances with the ladies. If you haven’t seen this by now, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Philips Carousel Commercial – Adam Berg Commercial of the Year: Pure greatness. I love how this was made, and the style in which it was filmed is so awesome. Pans around a stilled scene. Really cool.


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“Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning”

Great article by Gail Collins for The New York Times Op/Ed section. Definately worth a read:

Can I see a show of hands? How many people want George W. out and Barack in?

I couldn’t agree more and it is about time FOR SURE. If at least not resign, Bush should have been impeached a long time ago. There are so many problems with his administration that I will contain myself for fear of fingertip preservation.

A great many Americans have been counting the days all year on their 2008 George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendars.

Would Obama even be ready ahead of time? We have so many more problems now then ever before. The consequences could be disastrous in the least. We should all start considering our collective futures as entrusted in the hands of Barack and HOPE that he can get it done.

I hope that he can make his claims a reality, and not let them sit in the realm of Hopes and Dreams.

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Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler”

This movie looks really good and it is is getting a ton of buzz and acclaim.

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More Sartorialist

Continuing some of my favorite Sartorialist shots:

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This is the OFFICIAL first post and launch of goEASY. This blog is going to be the best, because I said so.go easyThat’s right Benicio Del Toro, ape man cometh, go easy is the newest blog in which you will find everything you ever wanted: JUST REFRESH THE SITE EVERY DAY. We will abuse what we hate and showcase what we like. Don’t expect us to go easy.

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