A Blog About…. Pizza + Daft Punk!?!!?!?

One of my favorite foods. It should be one of yours, unless you don’t live in NYC and can’t get access to the best pizza of all time in the Pizza Hut near my hous….. NAH MANNNNNNN! I’m talking about Brooklyn pizza! We got the best places here.

Anyway, check this site out. Pretty cool, but not quite a link you gotta know. Reading about pizza and then eating it??!?!?! Mannnnn oh mannnn:


CLICK THIS:         http://slice.seriouseats.com/               ^^    wow that looks good

Nothing better than jamming out to Daft Punk while stuffing your face with pizza, so check out this video. I’m a sucker for mashups, and if they’re good, I’ll post them. This dude does a piano medley of a bunch of Daft Punk songs. If you are familiar with Daft Punk, this thing is gonna make you smile:

How do I seemingly and subtlely segue into another unrelated topic? It’s pretty easy actually

rachel stevens


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One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World: Sarah Shahi … Again!

One of the most popular posts on here is my original Sarah Shahi showcase, seen here: https://goeasy.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/one-of-the-most-beautiful-women-in-the-world-sarah-shahi/

I basically posted my favorite pictures of her because she is simply one of the most beautiful women in the world. Long story short, here is part 2, with more pics, and more reason to say: “What a body…”


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Another Link You Gotta Know…

This link is a great one. I’m giving you a site I’ve been frequenting for quite a while. It has to do with fitness: all types. Whether it be lifting weights, alternative exercises and diet strategies, weight loss, and general fitness intelligence, FitnessBlackBook has got you covered. This site’s author, Rusty, is a really great guy who posts about 2 times per week. He is an advocate of that lean Hollywood-type physique, not the bodybuilder steroid inhaler. More this:425_pitt_fight_club_100506

than this:bodybuilder

Anyway, this guy will change your mentality when it comes to working out. He posts about things that you’ve probably never heard of. His posts are really well-written, and he responds to the comments, meaning that if you have a question, Rusty’s 19+ years of experience and knowledge will definitely help you find an answer. He’s really nice and respects his readers, and he always takes the time out to provide his insight in every post. This site will get you the tools and tips to be healthy and good to go. It is, in my opinion, the best fitness blog or website on the internet, and that is why it’s a link that you gotta know: www.fitnessblackbook.com

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Alright, I’m back…

Mad people have been viewing my blog even thought I haven’t posted anything since November, and I’m back. I owe it to you people to deliver some cool stuff. So here we go. My brother Joe is gonna be writing as well from now on, unless he pisses me off.

I’m gonna be posting a HUGEEE amount of music over the next couple of days, so check back. And I’m going to be doing my usual posts of hot chicks and other stuff I like.

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Random Musings

Ben Affleck looks like he will shoot your face off of your face.


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Random Hot MySpace Chicks


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Listen to this RIGHT NOW! Stereophonics – “You’re My Star”


Stereophonics is one of the best bands ever, so check out this song right now. The video is pretty cool:

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