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Watch Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia RIGHT NOW!


This is the best show on TV since Seinfeld, and if you don’t like Seinfeld, well, this show is still hilarious. It revolves around 4 people and Danny DeVito. They basically screw each other over, come up with schemes, ruin themselves. Its genius and mad funny. Although I don’t like this season as much as others, the show is still entertaining and I recommend watching season 2.

 Why watch it on TV when you can watch it online? Well I don’t have cable TV so watching it online is perfect.

Check out the season 4 finale that aired last night right here:


Anthony Edit: This episode was awful. The genius of the show is truly lost. I was disappointed by this 4th season even though it had a few bright spots. Watch the must better Seasons 2 and 3 here: http://www.hulu.com/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia


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3 Steps to “Peace Out”: David Beckham Edition

1. “You Got No Chance, By the Way”

David Beckham at the LA Lakers game

2. “Oh I uh, see, hot dogs. Yeah tasty. I’ll be, um, got to uh.. Save my seat”/Terrential downpour of tears on the inside.


3. “I am David Beckham”


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3 Steps to “Peace Out”

1. The Peacemaker


2. The Almost


3. The Finish Line


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New: Robot Chicken Star Wars Special 2


I believe this just aired on Sunday. If you missed it or didn’t know about it or have no idea what Robot Chicken is you gotta watch it.

Robot Chicken is an Adult Swim stop motion animation show created by Seth Green and it is hilarious. The first Star Wars Special was mad funny but here’s the new one. Its basically a spoof on all the Star Wars movies.


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The Best Video Ever

Anthony here, but Tony just loves little Asian boys so I thought I might as well post this hilarious video for everyone to laugh at, but for him to pine for…


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