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Listen to this RIGHT NOW! Stereophonics – “You’re My Star”


Stereophonics is one of the best bands ever, so check out this song right now. The video is pretty cool:


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Random Musings: Oasis

One torrent you need to download is the Oasis discography, so you can have every song ever made by the best band in the world. Yeah. Oasis is the best band ever. They are mainly a softer rock band lyric-wise, but they have a great melody and some pretty heavy riffs to all their songs. Memorable choruses and heartfelt lyrics. Tight composition. Windy pitches. Long, repetitive, escalating choruses. Great guitar. EVERYTHING!Some of their songs make no sense but you will be singing along like you get what the f**k is going on.

They are the perfect band to relax to, but they also have some songs that pump you up. I cannot recommend them enough. Just search YouTube for Oasis and listen to any song that comes up. If I had to recommend a song I’d pick, oh, “Underneath The Sky” from way back in ’98, for instance. Alot of their songs are over 4 minutes, some even top 6. You’re getting alot of substantial, excellent music.

Ever see the movie Snatch? (Favorite movie of mine. See it.) Final fight scene song: Oasis… and its just an instrumental. Awesome scene too.

They are SO good. If you don’t like Oasis then I can’t comprehend your idiocy. Get the discography using uTorrent (or whatever you use) right here: http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/51116574/oasis+discography?tab=summary

Make the effort to discover some of the best music ever. Seriously.

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Brand New Music: Joe Budden ft. The Game

Download this new song by Joe Budden and The Game called “The Future”


Its a club song. Its ok. The chorus is kinda stupid but the beat is hot and its The Game. I’d rather listen to this than all the garbage the radio plays: DO THE HERCULES, AND GET SWOLL ON EM!

Listen to it right here, and you can also download it if you wish: http://www.zshare.net/audio/51676055fedbf51b/

Link taken from www.2dopeboyz.com GET THERE! A link you GOTTA KNOW!

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Listen to Girls Sing / Look at Possible Bodily Perfection

I’ve heard this song alot lately. Check it out; it will get stuck in your head, in a good way.

 “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan and Sara:


and while you’re blasting that song for eternity, check out the Argentinian model Karina Jelinek. She comes realllllyyyy close to bodily perfection. She might even be perfect, but since I guess I have never seen a perfect female body, I don’t know. (Maybe I have on the streets of NYC) She easily earns BANGABLE status.

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Download This: Money Making Jam Boys – “The Antidote”

Dice Raw and Truck North of The Roots crew are the Money Making Jam Boys, and their mixtape The Antidote is probably the best mixtape ever. I’ve been playing this steadily since I first downloaded it. They have alot of guest rappers on it, and they use all 80s songs as samples for their beats, like Love is a Battlefield: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9J9rTZJBmw

This mixtape is seriously phenomenal; you gotta download it right now and you can’t find these songs on youtube 🙂 If you don’t like rap don’t worry. Dice Raw and Truck North have impeccable flows and the beats are just fascinating to hear.

GRAB IT HERE: http://streethopmagazine.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/free-download-dice-raw-the-money-making-jam-boys-presents-the-antidote/

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In your street or cul de sac… A LINK YOU GOTTA KNOW

Anthony loves music and hip hop is a personal favorite.

With all the garbage radio trash out there killing the genre, there’s only 1 site that earns my seal of approval:2dopeboyz.

I check this site like 80 times a day because they get a song as soon as it drops. Man, they have leaks, exclusives, videos, mixtapes; everything. They post the best new stuff and everything new that ever comes out. It is seriously the best hip hop anything on the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get your brand new song (that you never even heard about) for free, except 2dopeboyz, WHERE Hip Hop Really LIVES.

www.2dopeboyz.com is a LINK YOU GOTTA KNOW

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Music: Alicia Keys and Jack White – ‘Another Way to Die’

Official opening song for Quantum of Solace. Really good. Alicia Keys and Jack White – “Another Way to Die”

Check it out here in excellent quality: http://www.theboombox.com/2008/09/18/alicia-keys-and-jack-white-another-way-to-die-new-song/

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